Saturday, November 23, 2013

Electric Bikes: An Ideal Mode of Transportation in Proximate Areas

Though being more than one decade in practice, electric bikes have been in limelight in recent times owing to its various positives factors and hence they are widely accepted. They are becoming popular in every age group and the credit goes to its eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness and health consciousness approaches.

These bikes are becoming an alternative mode of transportation particularly among elderly and health conscious people in lieu of motorbikes or even cars. One of the best advantages of these bikes is their environmental friendly aspects since they don't consume fuel for propulsion and thus save your money. Being eco-friendly is their best return to mankind as most of the vehicles we use now contaminate our environment. These bikes are run by rechargeable batteries and motor, and it takes almost 4 hours to charge the battery.

Alternatively, when you are running out of battery, you can paddle your vehicle. The paddle enables your e-cycle to increase the speed when required or while you are going on a hill. It offers you an exercise with fun and helps you to maintain your fitness simultaneously doing your work.

However, a fully recharge battery gives you 15 to 25 miles of rides with gentle paddling and the battery has a lifespan of almost 300 to 400 charges. However, some of the Best electric bikes give you to travel up to 65 miles with a single recharge.

E-bikes are low in maintenance cost since the accessories are qualitative and come with warranty period. Moreover, most of these vehicles are equipped with powerful light, break and gear that makes your travel enjoyable and convenient parallel to a motorbike.

They are light-weighted. Battery and motor are not vast to cover enough space and so an elderly person can easily handle and travel with these bikes. Additionally, they help to maintain our environment green and pollution free by not using fuel and emitting contamination.

Normally an e-bike is classified as a simple bike and hence you can get the benefits and privilege that a cyclist does in traveling. You can avoid the traffic jam by simply going in cycle lane. You can exempt from tax, insurance and even a cycle helmet. However, UK traffic laws recommend helmet for e-bikers for safety however it is not necessary.

Now, considering the ample of advantages, you must think of the places in the UK from where a person can purchase a bike that would be affordable and gives utmost value of one's hard earn money.

Qualitative, well designed and efficient e-bikes are produced by some of the renowned brand like Whisper, Attribute, Hero Eco, Vikings etc. in the United Kingdom and some of the renowned stores facilitate the best electric bikes from these brands at affordable prices.
You just need to visit the website and select the brand and model that best suits according to your requirement and budget.


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