Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Give Your Child the Best Balance Bikes

A balance bike is a training bicycle that helps your children to learn the art of steering and balancing and comes without training wheels, or chain, cranks, or pedals. These bikes are made of both metal as well as wood. Use them as a normal bicycle with the parts and the pedals removed. You get cycles without brakes or with one active brake.

How will it help your children?

There are many advantages of riding such bikes and both you as wells as your children will be a happier lot today. Let us see the advantages of running a balance bike.

1. Your children will have no stress and will get the instinct to develop balance.

2. The bikes are lightweight and very comfortable. Your child can ride long distances without getting exhausted.

3. Now you can adjust the cycles with the help of a knob. So there is no need for any extra tool.

4. The cycle can grow with the child by increasing the height as your child grows.

5. You do not need training wheels for this and thus all your problems of training your child on wheels are solved.

6. The assembly of the cycle is good and so your child will have the best riding pleasures.

7. You get these cycles with a limited lifetime warranty.

8. You will get designs which are beautiful from an anesthetic point of view.

How do Balance Bikes Calgary Models Benefit you?

Now bike riding would not be a tedious task for your children. Calgary too offers some good models for the benefit of your children. Let us see some of them:

1. The Red Schwann Trail Long Bike is one such model, which has an adult bike seat. Your children will learn to balance safely on this bike, ride fast and learn to pedal on their own. Balancing could never have got better and they are available at Cranston in SE Calgary.

2. Kinder Bike Trainers are again bike models that teach your kids to ride much earlier than other bikes in the market. They are mainly constructed to endure many generations of bike riders in the family. These balance bikes come with real air filled tires with accessories like a bell, hand brake and a padded seat. You do not have to pay extra for this for this. This bike takes a weight of 75 lbs.

You have many more such models available with good choice and style.


Balance bikes are preferred by parents who have children for whom a proper sized cycle is not available. No longer, would you have any discomfort or lack of confidence in bike riding experiences for the child as these bikes come with the best conveniences. They are also built for toddlers.


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